Friday 13th: The dos and don’ts of getting through the day

Sep 13, 2013 - 13:42
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Friday 13th: The dos and don’ts of getting through the day
Friday 13th: The dos and don’ts of getting through the day

It’s the most feared date in the calendar, but Friday 13th has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

If the spooky date is bothering you, consult my guide to getting through the day unscathed…

DON’T take a car to a secluded house with a group of friends for the night

Just don’t.

DO throw a party

Tell everyone to come in fancy dress, make the theme ‘unlucky’ and see what happens.

DO get married

It’s understandable to be worried about this one – getting married on such a ‘gloomy’ date doesn’t seem like it would bode well for a long and happy life together. But the 13th won’t always fall on a Friday and surely, you’ll be able to nab yourselves a great deal if you get hitched on this day…

DO take a flight

Again – perhaps unbelievably – you can get some cheap deals on Friday 13th, making it the perfect time for a weekend getaway.

DON’T get stressed

Studies have found this date to be the most feared in history and some people (officially called paraskevidekatriaphobics) feel paralysed by the stress of it all. Don’t do that – it’s just silly.

DO avoid doing something risky

While you shouldn’t get too stressed, it does apparently pay to change how you behave on Friday 13th. There is actually a lower rate of accidents on Friday 13th because people abandon their normal routines and avoid doing things they consider risky.

DON’T remind everyone around you that it’s Friday 13th all the time

As a rule, people tend not to worry about what they don’t remember/know about. So don’t be that person going into school/uni/work saying: ‘Happy Friday 13th, everybody!’ in a foreboding tone. No one likes that guy.

DO use the day as an opportunity to get over your superstitions  

Actually, don’t even remind yourself it’s Friday 13th. Once you’re done reading this, forget all about Friday 13th, get through the day without being defecated on by a bird or run over by a bus and then you can cast your ridiculous superstitions aside once and for all.


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