What is twerking?

Aug 28, 2013 - 14:13
Sep 18, 2022 - 14:58
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What is twerking?
What is twerking?

It’s the summer of 2013 and the whole world is talking about one thing: twerking. But what is this cultural phenomenon and why are some of us shoving it in Robin Thicke’s crotch so much? Here’s the lowdown on twerking…

So what is twerking? It’s this thing where you squat and then thrust your hips around so that your bottom goes wobbly.

Who does it? Miley Cyrus, mainly.

Anyone else? Yes, plenty of young women, mostly from urban areas. Babies, sometimes.

Babies! That’s as ridiculous as cats or dogs twerking! Dogs and cats do twerk.

Oh. I know.

If babies and cute animals can do it, why is twerking so controversial? Well it looks a bit like sex, doesn’t it?

So tell me, what is the etymological underpinning of the verb ‘to twerk’? No one’s sure exactly, but it seems it could well be a portmanteau of ‘twist’ and ‘jerk’, which makes sense when you see it done by professionals.

So is twerking the new thing then? Am I bang-on trend? No, you’ve sort of missed it really. It seems to have originated in the Deep South in the early nineties, which is quite a while ago now. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of its earliest incarnations took shape in the strip clubs of Houston and Atlanta. Now it’s reached the acme of its fame and will probably be ‘over’ by sunrise tomorrow.

Can I do twerking? You can do anything you set your mind to.

What equipment will I need? Just a backside, really. Possibly a bottle or two of gin, as well.

What does one wear to twerk? There’s no uniform as such, but within the twerking community, it’s considered a waste of jiggling flesh to wear anything loose on your bottom half. Leggings are a good option, but you could do a Miley and opt for chicken-skin bikini bottoms.

And where can I do twerking? Almost anywhere there’s space enough for you to squat: a dancefloor; the park; your office. One of the more popular locations to twerk is against a wall.

Thanks for all the information. You’re most welcome. Happy twerking!

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