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Stop Buying Racist Kanye West's Sh*tty Clothes and Shoes

A self proclaimed 20% "Dad" to his children. The only reason he wants anything to do with those children is to further his financial...


Study says men watching porn make their women unhappy

The University of Florida study results, based on questionnaires filled out by 308 heterosexual female students between the ages of...


How long can you stare into someone's eyes before it gets...

According to a new study by the Royal Society Open Science, it takes just 3.3 seconds on average before eye contact becomes awkward.


Sex at 70 is surprisingly satisfying

A whopping 70 percent of 75-year-olds in the study reported being happy with their sex lives, up from 57 percent of 63-year-olds.


Study: Facebook makes you realize you’re a loser

Researcher Hui-Tzu Grace Chou followed 425 students in Utah to conduct the study and also found that face-to-face interactions did...


Retweet lands South Korean man in jail

Park Jeonggeun's offending retweet? "Long live Kim Jong-Il," a reference to the deceased leader of North Korea, who died in December.