Seven dead after bomb explodes in Starbucks in Jakarta

Seven people, including four attackers, have been killed in a series of suicide bomb attacks launched on Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. Jakarta police spokesman Colonel Muhammad Iqbal ... Full story

Police officer saved baby’s life by breastfeeding it while waiting for ambulance

A police officer has been credited for going beyond the call of duty by breastfeeding an abandoned baby. Luisa Fernanda Urrea, a police officer and new mother, had ... Full story

Turkey explosion: At least 10 dead and 15 injured after Istanbul explosion

A suspected suicide bombing has killed at least 10 people and injured 15 in a historic district of Istanbul which is popular with tourists. The cause ... Full story

Boyfriend finds American artist Ashley Olsen ‘strangled’ in Florence apartment

POLICE have vowed “maximum attention” to find the killer of an American artist found dead in her Florence apartment who hinted before her death she ... Full story

India teen gang-raped, shot, dumped in well

An Indian teenager held captive for two weeks by a gang of men said in an interview broadcast Sunday that she was repeatedly raped before ... Full story

Drug lord El Chapo has been arrested

El Chapo has been arrested months after he broke out of jail, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has confirmed. Drug lord Joaquin Guzman was caught on Friday. The Mexican President tweeted: ... Full story

ISIS fighter executes his own mother in Syria

Activists inside Syria have revealed that an ISIS fighter has executed his own mother in Raqqa after he reported her for trying to persuade him ... Full story

Reporters sent to cover historic steam train, loses train in steam

When you’re sent to cover steam engine trains, you should prepare for – well, steam. Unfortunately for the team at Sky News, it was perhaps a ... Full story

Israeli reporter accidentally stabbed while demonstrating 'stab-proof' vest

An Israeli reporter was accidentally stabbed while demonstrating the efficacy of a stab-proof vest. Israel has faced almost daily stabbing attacks by Palestinians in recent weeks, and ... Full story

Gunmen open fire on tourist bus outside hotel in Cairo

Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on tourists as they boarded a bus in Cairo on Thursday but there were no casualties, security sources said. The ... Full story

North Korea nuclear test: What was tested; what is a hydrogen bomb; what happens next

North Korean officials claim to have detonated a hydrogen bomb Wednesday, shocking the world community and triggering action from the United Nations. The country’s state news ... Full story

Mexico mayor Gisela Mota slain a day after taking office

THE mayor of a city south of Mexico’s capital was shot to death on Saturday, less than a day after taking office, officials said. Gunmen ... Full story

Bikini parade forms part of selection criteria to become a flight attendant

SO much for women’s liberation — in this country, in order to work as a flight attendant you need to look good in a bikini. About ... Full story

Muslim man ‘kidnapped, raped co-worker for five days to make her convert to Islam’

A MAN allegedly kidnapped and raped a former colleague for five days to force her to convert to Islam. The Sun reports police found the 27-year-old ... Full story

IS mutilate and kill mum in broad daylight for breastfeeding in public

ISIS monsters mutilated and murdered an innocent mum who was breastfeeding her son under a tree. Women-only group the Al-Khansaa Brigade meted out the horrific punishment ... Full story

Naughty dogs help couple win $14.5M lottery jackpot

A pair of mischievous dogs in Canada may have just earned themselves a lifetime free pass on bad behavior. That’s because thanks to the mess they ... Full story

Don't worry, you're not going blind, those yellow dots are supposed to disappear

Stare at the dot in the middle. Do you notice anything unusual? Apart from possible nausea, the graphic will induce an unexpected phenomenon - blindness. ... Full story

Girlfriend turns down marriage proposal because diamond is too small

Some may say this guy dodged a bullet when his girlfriend turned down his proposal. He set up an elaborate spectacle to ask his girlfriend to ... Full story

Landslide buries buildings in southern China; dozens missing

A massive landslide has buried dozens of buildings and has left dozens missing in southern China. The BBC reports that 900 people have been evacuated.  The landslide ... Full story

Russian man murdered six children, pregnant wife and mother ‘over son’s haircut’

A father told a court that he murdered his pregnant wife, six children and his mother following an argument about his son’s haircut. Oleg Belov admitted ... Full story

Millionaire businessman not guilty of raping teen girl after he accidentally penetrated her

A MILLIONAIRE businessman has been found not guilty of rape after claiming he accidentally penetrated her when he tripped and fell. Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was initially ... Full story

‘I’ve whacked 30 people, and regret nothing’

THE killer says he “disappeared” a man for the first time at age 20. Nine years later, he says, he has eliminated 30 people — ... Full story

Police in Canada are hunting ‘violent and dangerous’ Rohinie Bisesar suspected of stabbing stranger

UNTIL the moment she brandished a knife and stabbed a random woman in the heart, few would have had reason to fear “gentle, calm” Rohinie ... Full story

Awkward: Man's pants fall down standing next to Croatian president

What a bad time to forget your belt. Croatia’s head of its human rights committee had an intensely embarrassing moment at a photo shoot on Tuesday. Ivan Zvonimir ... Full story

Norway offers refugees free flights, thousands of dollars to leave country

NORWAY is offering asylum seekers thousands of dollars to leave the country as the global refugee crisis intensifies, and hundreds of people have taken the ... Full story

Multiple dead after Molotov cocktail attack on Cairo nightclub

A MOLOTOV cocktail attack on a Cairo disco killed at least 16 people and wounded at least three in the early hours of Friday as ... Full story

Topless newsreader Enki Bracaj suspended after signing up for Playboy shoot

A television presenter who miraculously landed a job by auditioning with her blouse completely undone has been suspended after signing up to a Playboy photoshoot. Enki ... Full story

New breast-grabbing fitness craze that is sweeping through the women of China

Women in China have thought of a peculiar way of proving their fitness - by taking a selfie of them grabbing their own breast from ... Full story

Lamborghini driver seen hanging out of window sending text moments after hitting three people

A young driver was caught on camera hanging out of his wrecked Lamborghini to send a text moments after he mowed down three people, killing one. Wiyang ... Full story

Kenyan university faces criticism after woman dies in terror drill

A Kenyan university is facing severe criticism after a woman was killed and up to 30 people injured when a safety drill was mistaken for ... Full story