Woman in Rambo-style bandanna sparks terror alert in Madrid

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Huge document dump called the 'Panama Papers' exposes offshore accounts of world leaders

The rich and powerful use elaborate shell corporations and offshore bank accounts to hide their wealth, according to stories released Sunday by an international group ... Full story

GRAPHIC: Awful moment Muslim woman is sent flying in hit-and-run by 'far-right activist'

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'Looking for husband' 45-year-old virgin makes love plea – on BILLBOARD

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Sao Paulo man holds down judge and threatens to set her on fire

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Model jumps to her death 'to escape being raped by estate agent'

Gulay Bursali, a 20-year-old model and university student, was in Istanbul, Turkey, with her boyfriend, identified only as Engin O. The young couple had asked a ... Full story

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Escaped lion is shot dead and crumples to ground in heart-rending video

Kenyan wildlife rangers fired at Mohawk, the stray male lion, after it escaped from Nairobi's national park. The highly-publicized incident has left people across the world ... Full story

Extremely horny teacher strips naked and tries to rape female student in playground in front of students

A teacher stripped naked and tried to rape a female student in front of her classmates during a lunchtime in China. The suspect, identified only as ... Full story

Teacher rapes girl, 6, at school for not finishing homework in horrifying attack in India

The six-year-old pupil suffered the brutal ordeal at a private school in Singrauli district in Madhya Pradesh, central India, and is recovering at home after ... Full story

Grinning passenger poses for a SELFIE alongside hijacker wearing a 'suicide vest'

This is the moment when one of the passengers believed to be held hostage on the EgyptAir plane forced to land in Cyprus, takes a ... Full story

EgyptAir hijacking: What we know now

An EgyptAir passenger plane flying from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked early Tuesday, The Associated Press reports. The plane, which landed at Cyprus' Larnaca airport Tuesday ... Full story

ISIS reportedly crucify captured Catholic priest Thomas Uzhunnalil on Good Friday

Father Thomas Uzhunnalil, 56, was seized by Isis-linked terrorists during a raid on an old folks' home in Aden, southern Yemen, three weeks ago in ... Full story

Belgium releases terror suspect known as Faycal C for lack of evidence

A MAN known as Faycal C, the only person arrested and charged with involvement in the Since Mr. Cheffou’s arrest, prosecutors have been trying to ... Full story

Vanderbilt grads Justin Shults and Stephanie Shults confirmed dead in Brussels

The American couple reported missing in Brussels in the wake of Tuesday’s terror attacks are dead. Justin and Stephanie Shults' employers confirmed their deaths Saturday. Justin Shults’ employer, ... Full story

Doctor who 'got semen on patient's face' claims it was accidental after he 'masturbated in lounge'

This is the horrific moment a suicide bomber detonated a suicide belt as players and fans gathered for a post-match trophy presentation. At least 29 people ... Full story

Twisted cop jailed for CRUCIFYING 'thief' with sign saying 'Thou shall not steal'

Carlos Alberto Flores used duct tape to pin alleged pickpocket Victor Robledo to a makeshift wooden cross. The overzealous cop covered Mr Robledo's entire head in ... Full story

'Mother of Satan': What is it? Why does ISIS use it?

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Brussels attacks: Who were Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui?

A Belgian federal prosecutor on Wednesday said two brothers, Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui, were suicide bombers involved in Tuesday's deadly terror attacks in Brussels, The ... Full story

American couple Justin Shults and Stephanie Shults missing after Brussels attacks

An American couple is among those missing after fatal attacks occured in Brussels Tuesday morning. Justin Shults, 30, and Stephanie Shults, 29, had just dropped Stephanie's mother, Carolyn ... Full story

Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford dies after battle with cancer

Ford, 46, served as Mayor of Toronto for two years from 2010 to 2012. His family said the councillor had been undergoing treatment for an aggressive form ... Full story

ISIS vow 'black days' ahead for West after claiming responsibility for Brussels attacks

The group is claiming more than 230 dead and wounded but Belgian authorities are saying at least 31 have been killed and under 200 injured. The ... Full story

Ghost city spotted in the clouds as 'parallel universe' emerges

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Thieves in Sweden appear to blow up building for ATM cash

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Don’t be fooled by this photo: This black widow will take your breath away...literally

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Huge fireball as Boeing 737 plane crashes in Russia killing 62

A plane carrying 62 people has crashed in Russia killing everyone on board. The FlyDubai aircraft caught fire earlier today while landing in strong winds in ... Full story

Paris attacks ringleader Salah Abdeslam 'caught alive' in Brussels terror raid

The suspected ringleader behind the Paris attacks has been caught alive by police. The most wanted terrorist in the world was thought to have been caught ... Full story

Shocking pictures show sick ISIS killers beheading ‘spy’ with explosives

**GRAPHIC WARNING: Some readers may find the picture below distressing** Taken from a horrifying terrorist snuff film, it shows a hospital worker accused of being a ... Full story

Need a new job? Become a full-time, professional ninja in Japan

Looking for a career change? Sharpen your swords and work on your stealth — Japan needs six full-time ninjas. Ninjas were 15th Century Japanese mercenaries specialising ... Full story

They had an argument, then he abandoned her on a busy highway...you won't believe what happened next

Claudia Tolu, 37, was hit as she walked along the road towards where they lived in the north-western Italian city of Aosta. The incident happened at ... Full story

Man who killed 77 people complains about awful prison food, compares meals to waterboarding

Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has told a court that Norway was trying to kill him with years of solitary confinement, complaining of degrading prison ... Full story