Husband kills newlywed wife after 'she forgot to charge his phone'

Russian authorities arrested a man who killed his bride one week after their wedding for not charging his phone. Samir Gabibov, 34, from St Petersburg, Russia ... Full story

Russia claims condoms are behind the HIV epidemic

A new Kremlin-backed study has claimed CONDOMS are the main cause of HIV in Russia. Research Scientist in Russia suggested that the best way to stop ... Full story

Female journalist get slapped across face while live on air

This is the shocking moment a Russia Today  journalist was smacked across the head while recording a broadcasr in Paris The incident happened to Anna Baranova ... Full story

'Suicide by LION': Man strips naked and jumps into a Chilean zoo's enclosure in a bid to feed himself to a big cat

Two lions were shot dead after a naked man jumped into a zoo's lion enclosure in Chile on Saturday.Franco Luis Ferrada Roman, 20, was severely ... Full story

Italian politician uses sexy election poster and pledges more if elected

An Italian politician shamelessly using a photo of a sexy woman's heinie to drum of votes has vowed to show more photos if elected.Mario Turrini, ... Full story

WATCH: Illegal mosque obliterated in HUGE explosion after bomb stash uncovered

More than 1kg of explosives were found at the unregistered Muslim prayer hall near the city of Samara, in Russia. The bomb disposal team deemed it ... Full story

Ex-wrestler stopped for 'drunk driving' - takes down 7 officers trying to arrest him

A former Olympic wrestling champ kept seven police officers at bay when they tried to arrest him after he was accused of drink driving. Vyacheslav Oliynyk ... Full story

Paris attacks video shows bomber detonate suicide vest in busy restaurant

Footage has been released of the moment one of the Paris attacks bombers detonated his suicide vest inside a busy restaurant. The video shows Brahim Abdeslam, ... Full story

Photo of giant mutant hornet goes viral terrifying the Internet

A GIANT hornet has sent the internet into overdrive as the monstrous beasts come out of hibernation. This enormous insect was captured crawling on a jumper ... Full story

Fears of the apocalypse after 'huge fireball' turns sky blood red

THOUSANDS of terrified people feared the apocalypse was nigh after a rare phenomenon turned the sky blood red. Mystery surrounds why the night sky above El ... Full story

Not visiting your parents can now reduce your credit score and get you China

Some American adults need a reminder every now and then to call or visit their parents. But for those in China, a more serious reminder ... Full story

Police officer suspended for topless selfie pic in her patrol car

A POLICE officer has been suspended after taking a topless selfie in her patrol car with a semi-automatic on her lap. Brunette Nildo Garcia was put ... Full story

7.8-magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador: What we know now

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rattled buildings and was felt more than 100 miles away in Quito, Ecuador, Sunday morning. At least 235 people were killed and more ... Full story

Watch: Russian fighter jets buzz Navy destroyer

Russian attack planes buzzed the USS Donald Cook, a U.S. Navy destroyer, in the Baltic Sea coming as close as an estimated 30 feet from the ... Full story

Police officer demonstrating how an explosive device worked unwittingly detonated it in the courtroom

A judge, a court clerk and the cop were among five who were rushed to hospital as a bomb disposal unit stormed the courtroom on ... Full story

Fury in Italy after video of Italian high school teacher exposing her bra 'during striptease in classroom' is posted online

An Italian high school teacher has been shamed online after students posted a video of her lifting up her top to expose her bra and ... Full story

WATCH: Spine-chilling video of stalker staring into woman's bedroom window

Detectives have released CCTV images of a man dressed in a baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts peering through the window of the house into a ... Full story

WATCH: Police deny that teacher in porn casting video was drugged

The story of the 36-year-old mom-of-two went viral worldwide after the clip was spotted by pupils, and she was fired from her job. The woman, known ... Full story

Female police officers in Mexico forced to undergo ‘attractiveness inspections’

Women working for an all-female police unit in Mexico have issued complaints after they were subject to ‘attractiveness inspections’. The inspections, which focused on officers’ weight and appearance, ... Full story

At least 105 people killed after firework display causes huge temple blaze

MORE than 350 people have been injured and at least 100 killed after a fire broke out at a Hindu temple in India early on ... Full story

Teacher fired after X-rated holiday twerking video went viral

A school teacher lost her job after this video of her twerking on holiday 400 miles away from her school in a skimpy bikini went ... Full story

Australian father charged for putting seatbelt on crate of beer instead of a baby

A guy has been charged after police discovered he’d secured beer with a seatbelt – while leaving children without. Officers said that several children – including ... Full story

Mother says sex with son is ‘incredible’ as they plan for marriage and baby

A mother who gave up her son for adoption 30 years ago now says she’s in love with him and has revealed the couple are ... Full story

Vietnamese teacher gives 6-year-old black eyes for spelling mistake

A teacher who beat a six-year-old girl across the face with a ruler because she made a spelling mistake is facing the sack in northern ... Full story

Actors' necks slashed accidentally in barber scene of Sweeney Todd

A school production of Sweeney Todd the musical became all too real when two teenagers had their throats slashed by a prop razor. Both boys, aged 16, ... Full story

Suicidal woman 'changes mind' but is blown to death by gust of wind

A woman who sat on the ledge of a building contemplating suicide was blown to her death by a gust of wind, it has been ... Full story

Canadian teacher Amy Hood faces jail after sending sexy underwear pictures to teen boys

A BLONDE teacher who had oral sex with a teen in his driveway is facing jail despite claiming she is bipolar. A last-ditch bid by Amy ... Full story

Indonesian singer Irma Bule bitten by cobra on stage keeps singing for 45 MINUTES before collapsing and dying

An Indonesian pop star collapsed and died on stage 45 minutes after she was bitten by one of her performance cobras. Irma Bule was known for ... Full story

Extremist groups in Pakistan demand right to kill wives

GROUPS of hard-line, right-wing Islamic extremists across Pakistan have banded in protest to reclaim the right to abuse and kill their wives and daughters. The country ... Full story

Russian woman ‘hacked off husband’s arms and fed them to dogs’

POLICE in Majorca have arrested a Russian woman accused of murdering her husband and feeding his flesh to her pet dog. Svetlana Batukova, 46, was due ... Full story