Entire town wiped out, many dead after earthquake hits Italian city of Amatrice

AMATRICE, Italy (AP)— The Latest on the earthquake in central Italy (all times local): 1:30 p.m. The quake-hit Italian city of Amatrice is famed as the birthplace of ... Full story

Canadian teen calls police after parents ‘forced’ her to go on boring holiday

A Canadian teen girl has been given a caution after she called police to report her parents. Their crime? Taking her onholiday. The 15-year-old, from Mississauga in ... Full story

Boy in the ambulance: Image of child pulled from rubble of Syria that shocked the world

A picture of a wounded boy has become a symbol of the brutality of the Syrian conflict. Omran Daqneesh, who is five years old, was one ... Full story

Shocking moment when lion attacked child on live TV surfaces on YouTube

An intense video clip from 2003 that has recently surfaced on YouTube shows the frightening moment a lion lunged after a small child on live television in Mexico. The video ... Full story

'Fat & ugly? Just be ugly': Gym's latest billboard isn't going down too well

A British gym is fat-shaming the very members it is trying to recruit. The new Fit4Less advertising billboard, reads: ‘Tired of being…Fat & Ugly? Just ... Full story

Shocking moment extreme athlete Andrej Beuc dies after diving 65ft on live TV

Shocking video footage captured the moment a professional athlete died after diving 65ft into a river, live on TV. Andrej Beuc was participating in a televised ... Full story

Priest beheaded and hostage seriously wounded in attack on church in France

A PRIEST has been beheaded after two knife-wielding Islamic State terrorists took two nuns and several worshippers hostage at a church in France. The attackers ... Full story

German music festival explosion: Bomb blast outside Ansbach wine bar

A suicide bomb has been set off among a German open air music festival, killing at least one person and prompting a massive police response. The ... Full story

Video shows moment woman was mauled to death after she got out of car

THIS is the horrifying moment an enormous tiger attacks and drags a woman away after she got out of her vehicle in the zoo's safari ... Full story

Saudi Arabia issues new fatwa...against Pokémon Go

Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa or religious rulling banning Nintendo's new hit game Pokémon Go for being “un-Islamic". The Islamic Kingdom say characters like ... Full story

The Kim Kardashian of Pakistan Qandeel Baloch dies in 'honor killing'

Pakistani police say they have arrested the brother of a slain Social media star Qandeel Baloch after he confessed to strangling her to death for ... Full story

Eight dead after construction elevator falls 18 floors in China

Eight people have died in China after an apartment elevator they were in fell 18 floors. None of the people in the construction elevator survived the ... Full story

12 dead and many more injured after head-on train crash in Italy

At least 12 people were killed and many more injured in a train crash in southern Italy. Shocking pictures show the wreckage of two trains ... Full story

Top bullfighter Victor Barrio gored to death in the ring in Spain

One of Spain’s top bullfighters has been gored to death in the ring in what is reported to be the country’s first matador death this ... Full story

Picture released to confirm El Chapo is still in prison

A rumour that drug lord El Chapo had escaped prison for the third time yesterday saw everyone get a little carried away. Twitter was overcome with ... Full story

TV reporter Lydia Cumming fired for making flood victims carry her over puddles during live broadcast

The reporter was sent to Puebla in centra Mexico to give a report on extreme flooding, where she met the two helpful residents. Lydia Cumming, 24, ... Full story

Mummified man 'dead for EIGHT months' found hugging a tree

Russian investigators say that the tree hugger was perched some 50 ft above the ground. The dead man was sitting on a branch of a pine ... Full story

Oscar Pistorius jailed for six years for murder of Reeva Steenkamp

The former Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been jailed for six years for the murder of his girlfriend three years ago. Pistorius, aged 29, served nine months ... Full story

Lionel Messi is jailed for 21 months on tax charges – along with his Dad

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has been jailed for 21 months – along with his father Jorge – over three tax frauds. Prosecutors said that Messi and his ... Full story

Teen Stephen Brumby killed by father in accidental shooting at Florida gun range

A FATHER has accidentally shot and killed his teenage son at a firing range in the United States. William "Clayton" Brumby was shooting at the range ... Full story

American college student Beau Solomon found dead after he's reported missing in Italy

According to a statement from John Cabot University in Rome, 19-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison student Beau Solomon was last seen Thursday night at a pub with several ... Full story

Pregnant woman in labor calls Uber instead of Ambulance

GOING into labor, and desperate to get to a hospital? First call might be an ambulance, unless you’re first time mom Rati Sinuraya. You might ... Full story

Woman strips her husband's alleged mistress then beats her in shocking video

A new video posted on a poular social media site captures the shocking moment when a woman stripped her alleged love rival and beat her ... Full story

German tourist dies after 'trying to take jumping selfie' at cliff edge

A German tourist has died after trying to take a jumping selfie at the edge of a cliff. The man was visiting Machu Picchu at the ... Full story

Mexican model Karla Garcia, 23, is gunned down in front of her family

A YOUNG mexican model was gunned down in front of her own family in her home by criminals. 23- year- old Karla Garcia, who was often ... Full story

Canadian woman Danielle Duperreault fired after having severe allergic reaction while at work

A Canadian woman was fired from her job after suffering an allergic reaction while she was at work.  18- year- old, Danielle Duperreault, a former sales ... Full story

10 injured after roller coaster derails at Scottish theme park

According to numerous reports, at least ten people were injured on Sunday, when a roller coaster left the tracks at a Scottish theme park and ... Full story

Reeva Steenkamp Dead Body Crime Scene Photos [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

A judge has granted Reeva's family request to release crime scene photos of their daughter badly wounded body after she was murdered by Oscar PistoriusThe ... Full story

Video shows shocking moment man ‘bundled wife’ into car trunc

This was the shocking moment a man bundled ‘his wife’ into a car trunck in broad daylight and no-one intervened seriously to stop it.   He was ... Full story

Boyfriend knocks girlfriend to the ground with repeated punches

A brutal video out of Yekaterinburg, Russia shows the disgusting moment a guy knocks his girlfriend to the ground in a brutal assault. Before the assault, ... Full story