Abigail Dapron in her Halloween costume as a Syrian Refugee

Bad taste and Halloween costumes have long been associated with each other. From people dressing up as recently deceased celebrities or as racist caricatures. This year ... Full story

Egyptian groom hurls 'non-virgin' bride from 4th floor

An Egyptian groom woke up on the next day of his wedding, carried his bride to the balcony and threw her down after discovering she ... Full story

China ends its controversial one-child policy, allowing couples to have two children

CHINA has announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy, with the official Xinhua news agency saying that all couples would be allowed two ... Full story

Canadian whale-watching boat sinks killing five

At least five people died when a whale-watching vessel capsized Sunday afternoon off the coast of British Columbia. It sank near Tofino on Vancouver Island. Authorities told Canadian ... Full story

Dramatic video shows US and Kurdish forces freeing Isis hostages in Iraq

Dramatic footage has emerged of Kurdish and US troops freeing almost 70 hostages from an Islamic State prison in northern Iraq. The prisoners were believed to ... Full story

Wife destroys 'cheating' husband's luxury BMW with hammer

A wife took revenge on her ‘cheating’ husband by smashing up her luxury BMW with a hammer. Footage filmed by a passerby shows the scorned woman ... Full story

Step brother and sister 'became lovers, killed parents and incinerated them'

A step-brother and sister have admitted to murdering their parents and incinerating the body. Leandro Acosta, 25, and 22-year-old Karen Klein allegedly became lovers before they ... Full story

Mexican politician Olga Machorro wants to tackle homelessness by killing all homeless people

A Mexican councillor has got into a spot of bother after suggesting homeless people should be culled by lethal injection. Olga Guiterrez Machorro’s suggestion for the town of Tecamachalco, Puebla, ... Full story

Muslim parents face court in Germany after murdering daughter for shoplifting condoms to have sex with forbidden boyfriend

A MUSLIM father has admitted to strangling his 19-year-old daughter to death after she was caught shoplifting condoms to use with a man she had ... Full story

At least 453 dead, 450 injured in crush outside Mecca

At least 453 people taking part in the Hajj pilgrimage are dead and more than 450 injured following a stampede near Mecca, Saudi Arabian officials have said. The ... Full story

'Go sit on her face wit a pillow': Boyfriend's cousin charged with helping woman, 19, murder her socialite mother by text in Bali

ROTTING in a prison in Bali over the disturbing murder of his girlfriend’s mother, things just got worse for 21-year-old Tommy Shaefer. Shaefer’s cousin, Robert Bibbs, ... Full story

Albanian lands news anchor role after raunchy screen test

An ‘aspiring news presenter’ apparently landed her dream job on TV after wearing an open top that exposed parts of her breast during a screen ... Full story

Saudi Arabia is crucifying this teenager for taking part in a protest

The year might be 2015 but Saudi Arabia is still apparently planning to crucify someone. If that wasn’t enough the Middle Eastern country will also behead ... Full story

Danish man arrested after female genitalia found at gun shop in South Africa

A man has been arrested after severed female genitalia was found at his home. Officers arrested the Danish man after 21 pieces of mutilated female genitalia ... Full story

ISIS doesn't get why refugees aren't coming to its territory

Refugees are fleeing to Europe by the thousands, and ISIS isn't happy about it.  The extremist group has released a series of videos complaining about refugees ... Full story

BMW boss Harald Krueger collapses on stage during Frankfurt Auto Show presentation

This is the moment that BMW chief executive Harald Krueger collapsed as he presented the company’s electric super car at the Frankfurt Auto show. The BMW ... Full story

Eight Mexican tourists killed by Egyptian security forces who thought they were terrorists

Eight Mexicans have allegedly been killed by Egyptian security forces after their tourist buses were mistaken for a militant convoy. Four Egyptians are also thought to have ... Full story

Twins separated nearly 70 years ago reunited

They were born at the end of World War II, but didn't know each other existed until recently. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski were born to ... Full story

Explosion in India leaves at least 80 dead

An explosion in central India has killed dozens. Local media report at least 80 people died in the blast. (Video via Doordarshan News) The blast happened near a packed ... Full story

At least 62 people dead and 30 injured at Mecca's Grand Mosque after crane collapses in storm

A crane has collapsed on to the Grand Mosque in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca killing at least 62 people. Some 154 people have been wounded, ... Full story

Sheena Bora’s body identified three years after her mother told police she’d fled to the United States

SHEENA Bora was young, beautiful and intelligent. She had a good job and a place to live, so when she packed her things, quit her ... Full story

Camerawoman fired for tripping up refugee father carrying his child

The woman – who worked for Hungarian news site N1TV – has been pictured sticking her leg out as the man carrying his crying child ... Full story

Police search for body of Texas teacher Dahlia Yehia killed in Nepal

Police in Nepal were searching a river on Tuesday for the body of an American woman, more than a month after she was allegedly beaten ... Full story

Joy for couple who claimed their baby was swapped in human trafficking racket at El Salvador hospital as they are REUNITED with their lost son

THE couple who claimed their biological son had been swapped at birth has been reunited with their child. Richard Cusworth and Mercedes Casanellas’ had feared ... Full story

PICTURED: Pregnant Spanish woman killed alongside her partner and five others dead in rally crash

Six people have died and several others were injured after being hit by a speeding car that left the road while taking part in the ... Full story

World’s shortest man dies

The world’s shortest man, Chandra Dangi, has died. Guinness World Records posted the news on its website, expressing condolences. Dangi measured 21.5 inches tall. There was some discrepancy ... Full story

Why you don’t rob female MMA fighters

MONIQUE Bastos has only had six fights in her mixed martial arts career and weighs just 123lbs  — but that didn’t stop her absolutely destroying ... Full story

Online video shows mob of Chinese villagers tie up pregnant woman and savagely beat her

HORRIFIC video has emerged of the moment an expectant mother was tied to a tree and beaten because she was accused of being a thief. ... Full story

Czech police slammed for ‘branding’ refugees with numbers ‘like concentration camp prisoners’

Czech police have been condemned by human rights activists for writing numbers on the arms of migrants detained on the border. Officers in the Czech Republic used ... Full story

Picture of refugee father, daughter selling pens gets worldwide attention

A single tweet about a Syrian father selling pens with his sleeping daughter on the street has gone viral and now the father's life is ... Full story